Braving your first Brazilian Waxfactor

Virgin Brazilian Waxing Survival Guide

​​Braving your first Brazilian

Experiencing your first Brazilian wax is almost like losing your virginity to your first – in this case, it's your first waxing salon. There are plenty of beauty salons that offer the service, alas not one shop is good with everything. It is almost like being a jack of all trades but a master of none. The first step is to identify why you need it in the first place. Is it because of peer pressure or your better half? In the 80's it was acceptable to have a bush down south, after the millennium, it is simply unacceptable. It is today's modern beauty and grooming standards that society has deemed acceptable. Times have changed and, people's mindset has evolved.

During this pandemic, hygiene for both customers and therapists is a must. All disposables are used once and discarded away. Staff are required to disinfect the surfaces of the treatment table between visits. Ensure that they are no double-dipping policy in the hair removal salon that you frequent.

Many companies practice cost-cutting measures to ensure that they keep their salon operations costs low to yield high returns. The quality of the product in question namely, the soft or hard waxes used for your treatments play a vital role, after all, it is the product that removes your hair away from your skin. Use only premium quality products manufactured in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Do not skip pre and post-waxing products when they recommended them to you. It is because, after waxing, your pores are open and needed protection from the environment and polluted air. Remaining hygienic is the key, as you are prone to infection if it is not taken care of at least for a few days after.

Having the waxing experience is an intimate moment between the hair removal specialist and the customer. Different therapists have different skill sets and work experiences. The techniques and methodology vary from beauty brand to brand. In summary, do your due diligence before committing to your salon.
My first experience was very swift and almost hot. My therapist has quick lightning hands as she strips away the hard wax one after another while stretching my skin and holding it for a few seconds. I didn't have time to react. But I'm glad that it happened that way. 

Waxing is indeed addictive. It is like getting a tattoo. You are hopeful that it will last longer than just four to five weeks. The cycle would probably never end. Shaving causes ingrown issues as the hair shaft is distorted and, when hair regrowth occurs, the direction is all over the place. Waxing eliminates that problem, making your new growth of hairs finer and less stubborn.
Lastly, there are alternatives for hair removal if you are not brave enough for a Brazilian wax. Intense pulse light, dynamic pulse light, or even laser performed by doctors if you prefer, come with a higher price tag. These are semi-to-permanent results that give people with a low threshold of pain. At the end of the day, pamper yourself! You are the only reason to get a Brazilian and, that's a Brazilian reason enough. Btw Wax Factor's Brazilian wax price is really affordable!

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