How it began...

We have come a long way since we first open the first salon. It was just before the pandemic but we have made it. Our story first began when we realise that most waxing salons in Singapore use products of inferior quality just to keep operations cost low and to stay competitive in the market. Over time, the quality of the in-salon products trickle down to bad quality. It often snaps off while you were doing Brazilian or Boyzilian waxing – and that is not a good experience. Wax Factor was born, promising its customers that only premium quality waxes should be used without compromise while staying competitively priced. For first-timers, our Brazilian wax price is at $49 (UP $65) for a trial.

Hair Removal Methods

Behold, the images of medieval methods of hair removal.

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How hair removal becomes a beauty standard

Women have been shaving their legs and armpits for nearly a century. In the early 20th century, ads for depilatory creams were becoming increasingly popular. Beauty standards for women were soon being shaped by the media, through images in magazines and in the movies. In fact, a women’s fashion magazine ran an ad featuring a model with her arms raised and her armpits bare. This marked the first time that fashion directly influenced how women groomed their body hair.

Waxing was still new, and the delicate art of hair removal took some time to master. The most popular method of leg and underarm hair removal soon came into the market. Waxing strips were widely popular due to their efficiency and effectiveness, tied to the growing fashion trends that involved showing more skin in mini skirts.

As the ’60s roared on, the first laser hair removal method was introduced in the mid-’60s, but quickly lost popularity due to its damaging effects. That said, the 1970s eventually brought the development of transistorized equipment, allowing safer methods of electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Hair removal can be a rough business. No matter what treatment you choose, it’s pretty much guaranteed to hurt. And unfortunately for us, hairlessness is both less sexy and more expensive than ever before. While waxing and laser treatments might seem pricey, there are actually some affordable options out there that you might want to consider.