What is Dynamic Pulse Light?

If you’ve ever wanted to throw out medieval hair removal products from your home and get an effective, non-invasive treatment – dynamic pulse light therapy is a definite go-to! Our hair removal machine converts light energy into heat energy, targeting the root of unwanted hairs.

Pulse light hair removal is a painless alternative for removing hair, killing the hair follicle from the root. It does not damage the surrounding tissue. It evens out your skin tone and lightens the pigmentation areas. It gives your skin a healthy glow. It is suitable for all skin types, textures, and colors. Experience the complete treatment of the package to see the result of finer, sparse hair regrowth, even skin tone, and not to mention silky smooth skin.

Dynamic pulsed light therapy is your solution for hair reduction in even the most sensitive areas of your body. It can eliminate up to 80% of all unwanted hairs in just six sessions!

Safety first always

We prioritize hygiene and safety first. We sanitize the treatment area and machine applicator with hospital-grade cleaner. Protective glasses for your eyes and the therapist, cutting down visible laser lights.

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How it works?

The light energy is converted into heat energy. Killing the hair follicle right at the root without damaging the surrounding tissue. The hair on the treated area becomes weak and fall out after 5-7 days.

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  • IPL

    √ Need ice to numb the area

    √ Waiting time for numb cream

    √ Heat sensation is hot

    √ Painful in sensitive areas

    √ Results between 10-12 sessions

  • DPL

    √ No ice needed

    √ No numb cream needed

    √ Cold sensation when emits heat energy

    √ 100% painless

    √ Results between 1-3 sessions

  • Laser

    √ No ice needed

    √ Waiting time for numb cream

    √ Prickly sensation

    √ Heat sensation

    √ Highly-priced package

    √ Perform by Doctor only

How many DPL treatments & how often?

For the best DPL results, it is generally recommended that customers receive, on average, 6 – 8 treatments scheduled 4 to 5 weeks apart.

Why do we need more than one DPL session?
Every DPL treatment builds upon the previous one, allowing the skin to react gradually. Wax Factor utilizes advanced dynamic spectrum laser technology for its intense pulsed light treatments or DPL - Dynamic pulsed light. At each session, is adjusted to reach different depths of the skin and deliver the right treatment to the targeted area.

Why are DPL treatments done at such a time-frequency?
Cell turnover is a term used to describe the body replacing dead skin cells with new ones. This is the same with hair removal. On average, the body turns over new skin cells about every 30 – 40 days. Scheduling DPL sessions every four weeks (minimum) allows the body to recover and return to normal before the next treatment.

Not every hair gets to be treated in one session. Our hair grows in 3 stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. Only the first two phases might be captured during the session. The telogen phase is resting and might not surface therefore, the machine could have not treated it.

Maintenance Package
Every person's hormone level varies for individuals, and so is their current hair condition. Not every person requires a maintenance package, some may need more sessions than others simply because of their genes. Not because the machine is inefficient.