Vajacial - Facial for Brazilian area

A facial for your Brazilian - Vajacial

Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Vajacial Treatment Post – Brazilian Wax

After getting a Brazilian Wax or DPL, or at any other time in your life, you may want to consider taking care of the skin around your intimate area. Our vajacial is a revitalising treatment implemented post-Brazilian wax or post-DPL Brazilian treatment. This is a facial for your Brazilian area. It starts with a gentle double cleanse whilst prepping your skin with a toner to balance its natural pH. A gentle exfoliation is performed after a quick steam, followed by extraction. Our therapist will recommend a selection of masque depending on your skin's current condition. 

Boosting the skin, comes Bellewave Factor5 – a skin renewal booster, which also treats it with either one of three variants of massage creams: purity, moist infusion or Arozen active-release mask. The skin is then revived and rejuvenated with all the goodness of seed nutrients of Seed Affinity serum, finally finishing it off with our DNA detox UV Extra block for protection from UV rays and free radicals. Our signature vajacial treatment is Wax Factor’s latest service. This new addition of vajacial treatment for the Brazilian care adds to our comprehensive list of services on our menu. For the newbie, the vajacial is a spa treatment performed on the vulva of the Brazilian. This specialty treatment focuses on the bikini line and outer labia.

A vajacial, is a clinical treatment meant to treats, prevents, and protects the south region of the body. Ladies need help down there because of working out, and tight clothes are rubbing and sweating, which can be the underlying problems of skin infections. These problems can include ingrown hairs, acne, and chicken skin bumps, all of which can lead to the probability of issues down the road. These vajacial treatments are most raved about in body grooming.

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