Get rid of unwanted hair fast!
DPL Brazilian trial 2 sessions at $199

Dynamic pulsed light therapy is your solution for hair reduction in even the most sensitive areas of your body. It can be performed on all skin types and skin shades. It can eliminate up to 80% of all unwanted hairs in as little as 6 sessions. You don't feel pain or stinging – just a cool icy sensation!

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DPL Boyzilian trial is offered for men too! 2 sessions at $259 (UP $518)

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Dynamic Pulse Laser
Hair Removal


With visible results in just a few sessions, we don't limit our shots!
Why not give us a try? Read more about Dynamic Pulse Laser light below. 


Don't take our word for it,
cause our customers already did!

Serene Lee

Excellent results only after a few sessions! Always feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering laser hair removal.

Janice Tan

Treatment is professionally done. Clean space, painless DPL Brazilian and visible results!

Adam Khairon

At first, I did boyzilian waxing but after I converted to DPL boyzilian. Almost hairless in 6 sessions! I may need maintenance but its ok saved a lot in the long-run!

Darryl Ng

It was my first time waxing. I enjoyed the entire experience because of Nana! She was very professional about it. It wasn't too painful either. But now I sign up for DPL, better for long-term!

Andrea Razali

My last treatment was about 5 weeks ago, and since then the hair has grown at an incredibly slow rate. The hair growth is sparse and the treated areas also look and feel smooth. I am obsessed with Wax Factor's DPL! 

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Express your interest with our in-house installment plan. Pay only 33.33%  upfront and start your treatment immediately! Balance payment starts as you progress your treatments. Atome is also available at the salon! How flexible is that?