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$25 Gift Card

$25 Gift Card

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Treat your loved ones to endless possibilities with a $25 E-gift card.

Upon redemption, we convert your profile or your friend's profile into cash credits and they can offset any treatment from our beauty menu. 

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Did you know the benefits of spray tan?

  • Gives you a healthy sun-kissed glow
  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Hides your blemishes

Spray Tan Services

Airbrush Spray Tan

Tanning yourself on a tropical island, where sunlight is plentiful, is not a problem. But to find the time and getting the desire shades, even color tone maybe a challenging part. And to avoid getting yourself from sunburnt, or having the risk of skin cancer. A safe alternative will be airbrush tanning.

Spray Tan Sunless Tan UV Free

Only the best for our customers

At Wax Factor, our airbrush tanning is from Sjolie, a USA brand that is organic, paraben-free, erythrulose free and fragrance-free.  Sjolie is certified vegan by PETA Foundation.  So it is a safe product to put on the skin and reduce the risk of skin allergy.  

Curious as to how airbrush tanning is done? what preparation to be made before the session? Let’s Wax Factor give you the answer.

Give yourself a good scrub before your airbrush tanning session, this helps the tanning to stay longer. Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid light colour clothing during the tanning appointment. Have a chat with our therapist on your purpose for the tanning so that our therapist can assist you to find the suitable shades. The tanning only took you about 30 min and 20 min to have the colour set in and it has done.  

There is also a range of aftercare product to maintain the shade till your next visit. So stop baking yourself under the sun, do your tanning with Wax Factor. 

FAQs on Spray Tan

How long does spray tan lasts?

Depending on your skin condition and health, a spray tan typically last 7 to 9 days before it gradually fades away.

What I should prepare before a spray tan?

You need to exfoliate your skin and moisturise it 24hrs prior your session for a lasting tan.

What type of clothing should I wear after my session?

Please wear loose dark thin clothing before and after your session.

Do I have to wait for 3hrs after its set?

No, after your spray tan once the solution is dry, your technician may help you get dress and you can go about your day. Be sure to take note:

  • Stay indoors in an air conditioned environment for the remainning hours
  • Avoid outdoor heat that may cause sweat
  • Avoid rain
  • After the 3 hrs are up you may shower with a lukewarm water
  • The tanning solution will continue to develop.